Vaping Is Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

by D. Morgan Henley on March 7, 2011

Vaping is the term used to describe the act of “smoking” an electronic cigarette. Vaping has become somewhat a grassroots cult phenomenon in the past couple of years. As electronic cigarettes sales have soared, a whole new culture has emerged, complete with its own jargon. Terms that we have been using forever are taking on new meaning in the context of vaping electronic cigarettes. For example, Dripping – Vaping by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer instead of the cartridge, Juice – Liquid nicotine that is used to fill cartridges/cartomizers. The world of vaping has also spawned completely new words, such as eCigarette.
Electronic cigarettes have recently been given an extra boost in popularity in Television spotlights, on shows such as The Doctors. And, of course, celebrities are seen all over the place vaping their eCigarettes. Health debates concerning how safe electronic cigarettes are continue to rage and the largest nemesis of electronic cigarettes, the FDA, has lost major ground in its attempts to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in the U.S.

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